Planning Kids Party on a Budget

Kids party on a budget
img Do you want to give your child the best kids party without spending a lot of money? We can help you out! Here are some tips to help you plan your child’s birthday party without ruining your budget.


You may have kids party in the morning or afternoon. But the best time of day to have your party is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. This is the best time to have the party because guests don’t expect a full meal. They will be more active in participating with activities and games that you have in store for them.

Stretch your planning

Begin your supply-hunting early; this will give you more time to compare prices as you shop. You will also save yourself from running out your kids party at the last minute to buy things you’ve forgotten. kids birthday party planners

Double the Party

If your kid’s birthday falls close to his friend’s birthday, consider having a double kids party. You and the other child’s parents can split both the cost and responsibilities. Just make sure each kid gets her own cake.

Themed Party Favours

Why not try a personalized craft activity; it excludes the need for hiring kids party entertainers and takes the place of a costly goody bag. You can search online and pick something related to your kids party theme—whether it’s plain tote bags or white umbrellas. You can also check out our party themes for some ideas.

Online Shopping for Supplies

Prices aren’t always better if you shop online, but surfing the Web for your kids party decorations and favours will help you avoid impulse purchases. You can checkout websites like eBay, Amazon or etsy.

Homemade Cake? Why not!

A co-author of Cake My Day recommends baking a budget box mix, but replacing buttermilk for the water to have firmer, less-sweet cake. You can then frost the cake with a homemade buttercream by combining milk, vanilla, unsalted butter and confectioners’ sugar. kids birthday party planners

Jazz up simple party supplies

Use what you have around the house to make plain kids party supplies look special, as they usually cost half as much as those decorated supplies. You can try to use a hole-puncher to gear up paper plates and napkins. Punch some holes around the outer edge of each plate and one corner of each napkin to create a design. Use dot-stickers to decorate plain balloons. You can also buy a few key items to create the theme, like a special foil balloon and stick to inexpensive basics for everything else.

Kids Party Venue

There are tons of wonderful party venue around Brisbane that are perfect for kids party. But just a note, you have to make early reservations cause most of these kids party places gets fully booked. So to save the date that you want, you need to make early reservations. These party places have party packages suitable to your budget and themes that your child will love. You should check out Best Kids Parties Brisbane.

Prepare for those party bags!

The following trinkets are sold in sets; you just need divide them up for inexpensive party favours that are way better than your average birthday goody bag, these are: yoyos, stripe pencils, finger puppets, small colouring books, candies, chocolates and crayons.

No-cost Activities

Well, instead of hired kids party entertainer, prepare a few kids party activities like these classic games you can play for next to nothing: freeze dance, musical chairs, charades, duck duck goose and more. kids birthday party planners