Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

There are tons of kids birthday party ideas online where you can get ideas from for your child’s next birthday party. But it’s really not as easy as it looks. You need to decide on the theme, decorations and activities that will make the celebration more fun and entertaining. Children will be happy even with a small party as long as they are made to feel special.

But even a simplest kids birthday party ideas need planning; the earlier you start planning, the earlier the excitement begins and the fewer details you’ll have to work out on the day itself. While it may be efficient to do it all by yourself, planning the party with your child will make it more fun. Not only they will have the time to enjoy their special day with their friends, they will also get a chance to suggest what they want for their party.

Here’s a guide for a kids party planner to make it simpler for you.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas: The Planning Timeline

How long shall I plan for this? It is ideal to start planning your kid’s birthday party six weeks before the party.

6 Weeks Before The Party:

At this time you need to decide on the theme, draft your guest list, confirm the date with your kid’s friends and reserve the party venue. There are tons of kids birthday party venues that you can search online if you don’t want to have it at your house.

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4 Weeks Before The Party:

Write the invitations, update your guest list and decide on the food, games, activities and games.

3 Weeks Before The Party:

Three weeks before the party, this is the time where you will need to give out the invitations, purchase party goods, create your decorations and party favors.

2 Weeks Before The Party:

One to two weeks before the party, you need to purchase favours and craft supplies, create a schedule of activities. You may also want to call guests who have responded to your invitation.

3 Days Before The Party:

Three days before the party is the best time to buy the food you’re going to cook for the party. While it is best to bake the cake a day or two before the party. This is also the best time to make sure that your supplies are complete and prepare make-ahead meals.  And set aside the time in your diary to make your preparations and baking.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas: The Kids Party Guest List

It is best to make sure that all of your child’s friends are free before you decide to set the date for the party. If you’re going to include your child’s classmates, make sure you invite “all” of them. All the boys and girls. If you’re not going to invite lots of classmates, try to ask as many kids as your child’s age plus one. But you need to think about the activities you’re planning. Team games are best for a large number of kids, but if you’re only planning for a sleepover party for a 7-year-old, inviting 3 to 4 is probably enough.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas: The Party Invitations

It is best to give out your invitations three weeks before the party. Some schools will let you distribute party invitations within the school premises while others don’t unless the whole class is invited. Some now even insist on email. Sometimes its best not to distribute the invitations at school, in that way children who are not invited are less to feel offended.

On your invitation, do not forget to include the date, kids party locations with directions, drop-off, and pickup-times and RSVP information. If they need to bring anything like swimsuit or towel (if you’re having a swimming party) also include it on your invitation. Include the best highlight of the party like a giant blow up ninja obstacle course and do not forget to call the parent of those who haven’t confirmed whether they are coming or not.

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Choosing The Best Kids Party Venue For Your Child’s Birthday Party

If you’re going to have the party at your home, your child, and his guests will feel comfortable and you know where to find everything. To keep kids from wandering around, define the party area with streamers and balloons, and close doors to other rooms. But if you don’t want to have to clean up all the mess and avoid things getting damaged or broken by fun loving children, then there are lots of kids party places to hold your children’s birthday party.

Another idea for a birthday party is having the party at a park. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case it rains. You can attach the streamers between the trees or along the fences. You can also spread colorful blankets or sheet on the ground. Make sure to mark the party’s boundaries. Cover a tall fence with fabric, this will give an attractive backdrop for party photos.

Community centers and other private venues will require extra cost. You need to book at least six weeks in advance and do not forget to get the name of a contact person. Remember you only have a couple of hours to use the venue. Meaning you only have a short time to decorate the place so make sure to use portable decorations. Make sure that you got everything that you need (decorations, balloons, cake, food, and treats) once you’re at the venue. Plus you will probably have to clean it up yourself.​

One of the most important thing to consider when thinking of birthday ideas for kids is the pacing of the party. Try to divide the time of the party 10 to 15-minute increments with a new activity for each chunk of time. You can hire an entertainer like a balloon artist, dancers or face painters and give them 30 minutes to do their thing. Give 15 minutes each for snacks, cake, and opening gifts. If a game isn’t going well, drop it and move on; if the kids enjoy a particular game, let it run longer than planned. Keep the party moving, write down the schedule on an index card so that you can refer to it frequently.

Easiest Way to Organise A Kids Party

Now if that all sounds too hard, too time consuming and totally exhausting, then maybe you should consider, like hundreds of other parents, that the best idea for your child’s birthday party is to have someone else organised it all, and you just show up. Sound good? Then you can go online and search for kids birthday party ideas and Best Kids Parties Brisbane Birthday Party Ideas will come up. They offer the best party ever for your child and will take care of everything. From the invitations, RSVP, decorations, food, activities and games, party hosts, and cleaning up. All you need to bring are the party giveaways, the cake and of course be at the party.

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They will make sure that your child and their friends will have tons of fun. It’s 2 hours of non-stop action packed fun. They have four kids birthday party themes that your kids can choose from, book your party and that’s it. They do the rest. It is very convenient because you don’t need to worry about anything.