Kids’ Birthday Party Decoration Ideas in Brisbane

kids party

Birthday is one of the most awaited days in a child’s life. For the little ones, their birthday is all about wearing a nice dress, party with friends, gorging on yummy desserts and a fun time with family.

However, it becomes challenging for parents to live up to their child’s expectations.

From planning a perfect party to creating a guest list, there are a plethora of tasks to do. It is easy for parents or for that matter anyone to pay less attention to party decorations.

kids party

The right decor makes birthday parties more entertaining, kids happier and guests comfortable. Continue reading the page to learn about various kids’ birthday party decoration ideas in Brisbane.

1. Balloons

Balloons are the true party entertainers and can spruce up birthday decor to another level.

Some balloon decor Ideas you can try are:

  • Deck out the room with confetti-filled giant balloons
  • Light-up LED bubble balloon unicorn wands at different corners of the room
  • Tie balloons to each corner of the cake table or other furniture items
  • Make a balloon photo booth and click some fun photographs
  • Hang mini pom-pom decorated balloons above the cake table
  • Keep a floral balloon arch near the entrance
  • Hang giant balloons wrapped in tulle from the ceiling
  • Create a colourful backdrop using double stuffed balloons


Use any of the above decor ideas to add a wow factor to your child’s birthday party in Brisbane.

A bonus tip: Entertain your guests by engaging them in a balloon bursting game. It would only add more fun!

kids party

2. Flowers

Floral decor is a creative idea to set the right mood and vibe for a kid’s birthday party in Brisbane.

Some floral decoration ideas you can implement are:

  • Make a flower monogram of your kid’s name and stick it on the accent wall as a stand-alone point for clicking pictures
  • Decorate the dining table with paper flowers along with ribbons to create garden vibes
  • Place flower vases at the centre table
  • Turn your entrance into a floral paradise with flamboyant flowers
  • Customise the flowers with your kid’s age and use them as a photography prop
  • Decorate wooden pieces like boards with flowers


3. Lights

Lights are a perfect way to glam up kids’ party decorations and elevate the overall atmosphere.

Some of the creative ways to use lights are:

  • Stick string lights on a wall in such a way that it conveys a special message to your little one
  • Brighten up windows and curtains with fairy lights
  • Wrap string lights around a circular frame and hang it from the ceiling above the cake table
  • Fill the empty glass bottles with a string of multi-coloured lights and place them in a dark corner
  • Create a beautiful backdrop using a bunch of photos and string lights
  • Illuminate your ceiling with multi-coloured LED lights
  • Hang a string of white lights on your hallway
  • Hang lanterns on the corner of the wall or place them on the dessert table
  • Drape glittering fairy lights around curtains or plants


4. Photographs

Photos are the best way to cherish old memories and are also great conversation starters.

Birthdays offer you an ideal opportunity to put the childhood pics to a good use.


Some easy ways to use photos as a part of your party decorations in Brisbane are:

  • Hang a string of pictures of your kid from ceilings above the cake table
  • Create a photo banner having pictures of your kid of all ages and fix it on the accent wall
  • For outdoor decor, place a photo yard sign along the walkway to keep your guests pumped up
  • Create a photo bouquet of your kid and his friends and place it on the centre-table
  • Stick pictures on the balloons
  • Customise dessert or dinner plates with your kid’s photos
  • Tape funny photos on the wall in the shape of your kid’s age


5. Paper

From beautiful centrepieces to wall art, the paper offers infinite options to make your party decor look more attractive without breaking your bank.

Some decor ideas you can implement in your kid’s birthday party are:

  • Hang paper streamers on a wall to create a backdrop for your cake table
  • Tape crepe streamers to balloons
  • Place super-sized paper pom poms on different corners of your room
  • Make paper flower balls and place them on the dining table
  • Hang paper garlands on the windows and curtains
  • Make paper lanterns to create a festive centrepiece
  • Paste paper ice cream banners on the wall and use them as a photo backdrop


Try any one of the above-mentioned kids’ birthday party decoration ideas in Brisbane to make the special occasion memorable for your little ones.