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“The most organised party ever!  PLUS, the kids had a blast.  Definitely the best place for a kids party”

The Stress Free Way to the Ultimate Kids Party Experience

You’ve just found the Best Kids Birthday Party Venue in Brisbane & Gold Coast!

Sit Back & Relax… We’ve Got Everything Covered For You!

We specialize in organizing birthday parties for kids that are really cool, and so much fun that your child and their friends will be talking about it for ages.

When it comes to kids party places we make it SOOOOOO easy for parents. You can totally organise your child’s next special day in 3 simple steps.

Book The Party With Our Party Planner

Have peace of mind knowing that an experienced party planner professional will handle everything for you.  From Invitations to food to games & activities and the clean up.

Collect Invitations & Give Them Out

Custom invitations on your child’s choice of party theme, all printed with easy only RSVP system – taking the headache out of keeping track of guest replies.

Come To The Party & Bring The Cake

 This is definitely a NO-STRESS party!  Parents just love that all they need to do is simply arrive… & we will handle all the rest.  And your child will remember it for a lifetime.

Highlight of the Party!Cutting the Cake with a ‘REAL’ Samurai Sword

Get your video camera ready!  You won’t want to miss this part of the party event.  Many kids say its the ‘Best part of the party!’Something they will be talking about with their friends for ages to come!

Check Out What Parents & Their Kids Say About Our Parties…

“Flying Fox was the best.  I LOVED it!  Thanks Dad!”

Amanda & Friends

“Best Party EVER!….

I didn’t have to do a thing!”


“You guys did EVERYTHING,

and I had absolute confidence in you”

Joshua and family

Save yourself hours of party planning & prep.  And give your child & yourself – the best kids birthday party at either of our locations.  Our Brisbane and Gold Coast martial arts “ninja” parties are highly sort after.Long gone are the days where you need to spend absolutely hours organizing, setting up, shopping and baking for your child’s ultimate birthday party. To only then be left exhausted with hours of cleaning up to do.

Focus Martial Arts ‘Karate Parties’ creates the experience of a lifetime for your child’s special birthday party. 

✅ Mansfield, Brisbane

✅Oxenford, Gold Coast

Everything Done For You

There are lots of places for kids birthday parties but Focus Martial Arts has everything you could want in a kids birthday party venue in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Kids Party Idea 1:Make sure you have a Fully Air-conditioned Kids Paryt LocationYou Don’t Want a kids birthday party locations you really need to consider the weather.”

Poor weather of rain, wind, heat can really destroy the fun and enjoyment of a party for the guests and the parents that stay. That’s why our indoor, fully air-conditioned facility it a real hit when choosing your ideal kids birthday party location.

We don’t just have party hosts, we have childrens party entertainers.

When thinking of kids birthday party ideas you need to consider number of guests, places to have birthday parties

Kids party places are so fun, but when parents are also catered for, then that truly creates birthday celebration ideas for kids that even parents enjoy.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children have an fantastic time withtheir friends at your child’s birthday party. They can either enjoy the fun andactivities in the party room, or get to a more peaceful chill outzone in the loungearea. Tea and coffee is provided for parents to enjoy.

 If you would like to bring food for parents–you are more than welcome. We provideheaps of food for the kids, but as we are an exclusive kids party venue and only yourparty will be there–you can bring some additional snacks for the parents and wewilllay them out at just the right time for you.

Heaps of Kids Birthday Party Themes To Choose From…

In creating a special event for your child, we have great party themes for kids–both boys and girls party themes.

Your Party Coordinator Will Organise Everything For You

Once your party is booked, you will have the peace of mind knowing everything is covered down to the tiniest detail

Customised Party Invitations, RSVP & Thank You Cards

Your child can choose their kids party theme for the invitations & decorations. Heaps to choose from, PLUS we put a photo of the birthday boy or girl on the invitation to make them feel really special. We print out 40 invitations, if you need more, just let us know.

Party Coordinator Runs Everything Smoothly

Our party coordinator will greet your guests and guide the kids to the party room. We will have the kids party music pumping and your party entertainers will be there to keep the kids totally engrossed in fully supervised age appropriate fun activities and games. Parents can choose to either watch or have a chat in the lounge area.

Clean Up Staff Provided

Kids parties are messy, but not for you. We do all the clean up–saving you hours of work. [I think this is the parents favourite part to be honest]

Totally Decorated Party Room

We do all the set up for you. We decorate the party room, the balloons, streamers, posters, present table, food table, the games room, the photo room. You just show up & everything is done for you already.

Childrens Party Entertainers

We don’t just have party hosts. They structure 2 hours of non-stop action packed fun for the kids will many memorable moments and fun game sand activities. All the kids & even the parents will love our party entertainersso that every child is participating and having a great time.

Well Oiled Machine

Our parties are SO organised. We have an exact system that works every single time. All the party guests will be entertained the whole time. It will be full of fun, laughter and entertainment. The kids will have a blast & so will the parents.

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Date Availability

 We ONLY have one party time. We do get booked out early. So Don’t Wait!

Well…You could stop right here, close the tab, and continue doing what you are…Or click the button to find out about our kids birthday party venue in the South Brisbane area party packages. Up to you….

What I can tell you is that we take willeliminate the stress and hours and hours oftimethat it takes to organise your child’s ultimate kids party experience..

The Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Deciding on your child’s special birthday celebration ideas can be difficult when there are so many options for kids birthday party ideas. At Focus Martial Arts, our Children’s Party Team have done over 450 kids birthday parties, so here are some of our best kids party ideas to save you time, save you money and to most importantly help you to plan the best kids party ever.

What To Include When Planning Birthday Parties For Kids?

Of course you need to include the standards items of WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN. But, when planning birthday parties for kids, there is more to it to ensure a smooth, easy outcome for you the parent, while you are creating this epic, unforgettable memory for your child. We found that the fastest way to help make final decisions on all your kids party ideas for your child’s birthday celebration is to evaluate the following 3 items.

There’s definitely a number of items to consider for each of those options. So let us go through some for you and point out some ‘Fors and Againsts’ of each. By the end of this article you will probably have a clear direction of the next steps – saving you heaps of time.

What Kids Birthday Party Locations Are An Option?

So the options come down to

There’s definitely a number of items to consider for each of those options. So let us go through some for you and point out some ‘Fors and Againsts’ of each. By the end of this article you will probably have a clear direction of the next steps – saving you heaps of time.

How Many Other Kids Birthday Parties Or Other Customers Will Be There?

At a Mcdonalds party or Hungry Jacks Parties – there usually is only 1, maybe 2 (depending how many party rooms they have, plus other restaurant guests. However, at a Lollipops party, Laser Tag Brisbane Party, Bounce or Trampoline Party –there are heaps of parties all at the same time & heaps of other customers – so not very private and special for just your child. At some kids birthday party venues – like Focus Martial Arts Ninja Parties – you are the only party there. The whole place is exclusively booked just out for your special event & we even allow unlimited guests. Check it out the kids birthday party packages & themes here.

What food & drink is included?

Be Sure That When Selecting A Kids Party Venue In Brisbane – Know What Is Included In The Party Package.

How much do you, the parent, still have to do at the party?

How Many Guests Can Your Child Invite To The Party?

Do check, some have restrictions on numbers, some have minimum numbers.

An important thing to consider when having kids birthday parties is the siblings – we find many people have 2 or 3 children and if they are to stay at the party, this should be considered. At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane’s Best Kids Parties, we have unlimited guests, so all siblings can also stay, play and enjoy the party. The more the merrier.

The Best Reason For Choosing Kids Birthday Party Places

Seriously has to come down to the ease of organizing a birthday party for kids. Parents are busy with everything else they have to get done, and when they know they can easily book a party & everything is done – rather than having to book a number of services, organise a menu, buy & cook the food, plan and host the kids party games, control lot of little kids and keep them all happy, take the photos & video moments, then clean up afterwards –sounds exhausting just writing it. Ohhhh don’t forget to pray about the weather. 

So the BEST reason for choosing an indoor kids birthday party place that is exclusive to your child, would be the stress-free ease of having it all done for you. For Brisbane’s Best Kids Parties – check out our boys & girl party theme packages.