Decoration Ideas For Kids’ Birthday Party in the Gold Coast


Birthdays are always special and if it happens to be of a kid, then you can expect things to be super-exciting.

Whether it’s 1st, 10th or entering the teens, parents have to wear the hat of party planners to make sure everything goes perfect on the big day.

From getting a birthday cake to finding the ideal gift and everything that comes in between, the platter is full.   

But one thing that can make or break the birthday celebration—decoration. Important to create the right vibes and a perfect setup for the birthday party entertainment.  

Read the blog as we share some creative decorations ideas for a kid’s birthday party on the Gold coast:


1. Balloons

Balloons are the real highlight and are the most inexpensive way to add charm to a kid’s birthday celebration.

Some of the most creative balloon decoration ideas are:

  • Hang giant balloons filled with sweets and candies above the cake table
  • Customise the latex balloons with your kid’s name
  • Make an eye-catching balloon backdrop with interspersed flowers and other decorations
  • Make a balloon arch arrangement near the cake table
  • Use link-o-loon balloons to create a beautiful floating arch near the entrance
  • Stick balloons to the furniture, table and even the return gifts
  • Insert glow sticks inside the balloons for beautiful light effects

How about playing a balloon bursting game for kids birthday party entertainment on the Gold Coast? There’s so much you can do.

playing a balloon bursting game

2. Flowers

Floral theme is another idea to brighten up a kid’s birthday party on the Gold Coast.

Some of the ideas to accentuate a flower themed birthday party are:

  • Use rubber stamps to make flower patterns on the tablecloth or party banner 
  • Drape the cake table and chairs with flower garlands 
  • Label lollipop flowers with your kid’s name and place them on the dining table
  • Make flower bracelets for kids and guests

Art and craft

3. Art and craft

Does your child love doing art and craft projects at home?

If yes, then craft-themed decor may be another idea to kick start the celebrations in style.  Be it a boy or girl, art and craft can be an amazing yet underrated source of Gold Coast children’s birthday party entertainment and unlimited fun. 

Some of the ideas are:

  • Ask your kid to creatively decorate everything from hats to crowns, masks, glass and toys
  • Use paint, markers, glitter and stickers to turn balloons into funny characters or cute animals
  • Make handmade paper birthday banners and food signs to give an art and craft feel to the whole party

4. Ribbons

A colourful yet creative idea for Gold Coast party decorations. 

Ribbons are versatile and can be used to create different shapes to complement your theme.

  • Take some coloured chart papers, ribbons and create a ‘Happy Birthday’ garland DIY backdrop.
  • Use ribbons for wall and furniture decoration, especially the birthday table 
  • Use blue and pink ribbons to make bracelets for kids and guests
  • Hang the ribbons from the ceiling just above the head level 

5. Lights

Lights can pull the space together and can add a magical charm to any party. These look fantastic indoors and create the right ambience.


Some of the ways to use lights for party decoration are:

  • Hang fairy lights around windows and curtains 
  • Drape string lights around the birthday table and food station
  • Lit small candles on the corner tables
  • Bring the night sky inside by illuminating your ceiling with LED lights
  • Use string lights to create a dazzling birthday backdrop
  • Combine paper flowers, balloons and a string of lights

It is a day when you can’t afford to make a mistake. Try one of these kid’s birthday party ideas on the Gold Coast and have a blast.