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The best reason for choosing kids birthday party places

Seriously has to come down to the ease of organizing a birthday party for kids. Parents are busy with everything else they have to get done, and when they know they can easily book a party & everything

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How many other kids birthday parties or other customers will be there?

At a Mcdonalds party or Hungry Jacks Parties – there usually is only 1, maybe 2 (depending how many party rooms they have, plus other restaurant guests. However, at a Lollipops party, Laser Tag Brisbane

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How much do you, the parent, still have to do at the party?

– Invitations, RSVP, thank you cards– Food, drinks, plates, napkins, rubbish etc– Plan games & entertainment– Photos -Prizes -Clean up (the yukky part)

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How many guests can your child invite to the party?

Do check, some have restrictions on numbers, some have minimum numbers.An important thing to consider when having kids birthday parties is the siblings – we find many people have 2 or 3 children and

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What kids birthday party locations are an option?

So the options come down to– your house (private, just your guests, but you have to clean up- before & after the party & you do everything)– free option – like a park (weather,

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